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Charitable Donations

At Casa Mia Projects Ltd. we believe we have a duty to give back as we grow. We have been giving back since the inception of our company and will continue to do so to help those in our community that need it the most.




We have been an ALS BC contributor since 2011 and a corporate sponsor since 2014. 


The ALS Society of BC is dedicated to providing direct support to ALS patients, along with their families, and caregivers, to ensure the best quality of life possible while living with ALS.  Through assisting research, we are committed to find the cause of, and cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

The ALS Society of BC has three principal objectives:

  • To provide direct support to patients, their families, and caregivers.  This includes an equipment loan program.

  • To  raise funds for patient services & research, and

  • To increase public awareness and understanding of ALS



AMF - Ashok Memorial Foundation -

We have been a major donor for the AMF since 2009.


Ashok Memorial Foundation was registered as a non profit organization on March 3rd 2009 in British Columbia. This foundation is in loving memory of a son, a husband, a brother and a friend, Ashok Philip Abraham. So, in dedication to such a caring soul, Ashok Memorial Foundation is focused on helping find a cure to cancer through research and better awareness.



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